Decanter manufacturer: what are the materials of decanter?

2021-09-25 392

(1) glass

As early as the Roman Empire, glass was used to store and hold things. Since it will not affect the flavor of wine, glass has long been a good material for making decanters. However, too much carving or color will affect the visual experience of sobering up. Therefore, common and ideal sobering devices generally have a long neck and a large belly, as well as colorless and transparent glass materials and a stopper for sealing.


(2) crystal

Many brand manufacturers will choose crystal or lead crystal glass to make decanters. Of course, the content of lead is very small. In addition to being used to sober up, this kind of decanter can also be used as a home decoration, because it has an elegant appearance and is full of artistic colors, which is very much like a handmade work of art. Whether used at home or in business banquets, the crystal decanter can easily hold the scene.

Source: wine pouring machine manufacturer