Bottle opener manufacturer: classification of red wine bottle opener

2022-01-14 369

Wine bottle opener

All wines use oak corks to block the air to ensure the taste of the wine. Therefore, although the wine is good, it is difficult to open it. It is particularly important to choose a suitable bottle opener. One of the most laborious is the T-shaped bottle opener, with a handle and a screwdriver. The familiar saber is equipped with the function of the T-shaped bottle opener. However, people who have used it know that it is laborious and does not flatter. It is pure physical work, and girls generally can not do it, so they will not use it when they have to. It is also common to see the butterfly shaped bottle opener sold in supermarkets. When using it, the screwdriver is drilled into the oak cork to the appropriate depth. During this period, the handles on both sides will gradually rise. At this time, they will be pulled down and the oak cork will be taken with the trend. The principle is the same as that of the T-shaped bottle opener, which is difficult to grasp. The difference is nothing more than laughing at a hundred steps.

Free and easy red wine bottle opener

The films of "Crazy" series tell us that we must be professional in everything. Therefore, if there is no wine knife for the bottle opening, I always feel that something is missing. The wine knife is very good and strong. It is cool and free to use. It also has a nice English name - servant's knife. Because it is often used in restaurants to provide you with bottle opening service. Wine is cultural, and the wine knife is also an extension of its culture. If you do not use the servant's knife to open the bottle, and do not use the high foot crystal cup to sip, it is like drinking green tea in a large white porcelain jar. It is vulgar!

One end of the wine knife is a knife, which is used to cut off the bottle seal. A skilled person can spin a knife along the mouth of the bottle. Two or three knives can remove the bottle seal, which is very beautiful. When opening the bottle, align and screw the screwdriver, fasten the protruding part of the bottle mouth with the metal bayonet at one end of the wine knife, hold it tightly with the left tiger mouth, and then slowly lift it with the right hand with the knife handle (equivalent to the lever) on the other side. Nowadays, the wine knife usually has two gears, which will save more effort. When the oak stopper is half out, the shift position shall stick to this position with the index finger, stick to the clamping state of the knife head and the bottle mouth, and then apply force to lift the knife handle until it is pulled out.


"Rude" wine opener

The development of the bottle opener to the lever type bottle opener has the meaning of "how to kill a chicken with a butcher's knife". Its shape is too large and exaggerated compared to the work of opening bottles. It is said that the inventor of this set of things was an engineer engaged in oil drilling. The screw tap made of fine steel can quickly go up and down, and the oak plug can be pulled out vertically within 15 seconds. However, this kind of bottle opener is only suitable for the place where the flow process is required, and is not suitable for ordinary buyers.

Fashionable wine bottle opener

Now, bottle openers are also beginning to take the fashionable route. People can't put down all kinds of colorful and light bottle openers. Among them, the pneumatic bottle opener is undoubtedly popular, like the Zippo lighter, and has become a collection that many people dream of. When playing with such a bottle opener, the mood may only be known to the player.

Scientific wine bottle opener

The commonly used electric bottle opener and dry electric bottle opener are fully automatic operation, which get rid of the defects of the first and second generation of red wine bottle openers that are laborious and clumsy. The technology is sophisticated and the appearance is fashionable and beautiful. The modern technology is applied to the red wine bottle opener, and it is the best of the third generation of red wine bottle openers. No matter men, women, old or young, they are all satisfied with the use of wine, which makes the opening of red wine a real enjoyment and is known as the "scientific bottle opener".

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